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Hill Climb Racing (1 & 2) Apk Mod Hacks, Tips And Cheats

One other game has taken our video gaming world by storm, and that is hill climb racing and hill climb racing 2. In fact, not only the video gamers but people with no gaming experience are also downloading and playing! Okay so lucky for you guys, in this article I will be covering hill climb racing tips and cheats, hill climb racing 2 cheats, hill climb racing hacks and hill climb racing 2 tips and hacks with a couple of pointers. To unlock some premium features, hill climb racing 2 apk mod is also available.

I think we all can agree on one fact that hill climb racing and hill climb racing 2 are the most fun and thrilling games on our smart devices nowadays.


Hill Climb Racing Cheats For Unlimited Money and Coins

Here on this guide, you can learn about hill climb racing cheats for unlimited coins. But one of the essential cheats is that never go down the bridge or the slope with full speed or you will find yourself in a very bad kickflip. It is very important to look out for this one because if you do not, it will be very hard for you to progress to the other levels.

Another point, I would like to mention is making money when you would like to make money while playing hill climb racing and hill climb racing 2. The first thing, I’d keep in mind, is, is trying to buy and unlock the moon level as soon as possible. Now, in the moon level, you’re going to be making the most money from the perspective of airtime, because you will make it killing off-air time. Three to five minutes on the moon level should give you around 100k per trip. If you’re making 100k per trip, then that’s a good moon. You can also call it a moon farming trip if you would like. I have tried it too, and I still remember me forming 100k per trip on the moon level to be a very good trip. I only managed to go around a thousand meters or thousand 100 meters. Apart from that, I haven’t played to get far. I played it just to make money, so you can say 1020 minutes of the gameplay will make you half a million and that is pretty nice. So if you guys have the time on your hands, I would suggest you play the moon level as much as you can and knock yourselves out.

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats With Unlimited Money And Gems

I think you all must have guessed that the cheat of hill climb racing also applies here. One more thing you have to be very careful about the brakes and start braking in advance since you have lots of competition in this one. Balancing your brakes and your gas pedal is very crucial because anyone can easily defeat you.

Moreover, if you upgrade the engine – and you realize that you still can’t get high enough then it obviously means that the engine upgrade was not enough. It can mean that it is now time to divert your attention towards the tires and wheels, which also give you a better grip and will cause you, of course, to go a little bit higher.The four-wheel upgrade as well improves the grip like the wheels, but not as much as you would like so you don’t get such a better grip with the four-wheel drive. Both cases, your back wheels will always spin faster than your front wheels. That is also probably why your front wheels will always hit the air when the car gets out of control. Also, you can learn a cool trick about hill climb racing 2 unlimited money and gems.

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Hill Climb Racing Hacks

In the game hill climb racing, you can earn unlimited coins by going forwards and backwards constantly for like over an hour with your vehicle. This hill climb racing hack is explained in detail below, dive right in.

Another point I’d like to talk about is called crossing the hills. There is a possibility that you will not be able to cross the hills in most of the levels because, in these levels, you’ll always realize that there is a breaking point. This breaking point will usually occur where there’s one hill that you can’t cross because most probably you’ll need more upgrades and stuff to buy and tweak up your car. Okay so now let me give you one hill climb racing cheat; if you can’t cross the hill, try backing up and floor it again and you might get over it, that’s pretty much one of the easiest hacks and is also a hill climb racing 2 hacks. Sometimes even on the way when you back up, maybe a little bit more than necessary, you realize that there’s a small level, elevated bump or hump on the way there and if you floor it,  then you hit that hump. What happens next is that you shoot up and you’ll hit the road with force probably halfway already up the hill. Then you should pretty much be able to drive up the rest of the way. You know that has happened to me a few times in a couple of places, and that pretty much did help me out. You know I backed up even more when I realized that there was a hump on the way and then I hit that hump. It shot me up into the air, and I hit that hill halfway through, and I did manage to drag the rest of the way up. The hill now, for the fifth part, is upgrading. If you can’t get to the top, even when you back up, then it’s time to upgrade the engine so that it gives you much faster speed.


Hill Climb Racing 2 Hacks

I think the glitch in the game I found before to earn an unlimited amount of coins works quite well over here too. Try it out. I tried out with one of the new vehicles I like in the gameplay, the scooter and worked well. I was surprised by the number of coins that I earned. This was a great hill climb racing 2 hacks that I discovered, and I have explained this hill climb mod apk hack below.

Now for Hill Climb Racing 2 hacks, when you start up and floor it now, upgrading the suspension prevents the car from lifting its front wheels so high later on. You realize, when you have fully upgraded, they practically don’t live as much as they did before and also don’t sink in as much when you impact the ground. You know it makes the ride overall more stable. It also reduces the chances of the front wheels leaving the ground when you go up the hill. So it’s also good to keep that in mind. But you will have to keep in mind that you might have an issue when you’re going up the hill. You keep flipping backwards, and that means that the upgrade of the suspension is not sufficient at the moment. So then you will have to make sure that the upgrade of the suspension is sufficient.


Free Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk

The hill climb racing apk mod has amazing gameplay which works well with the theme of the game. The scenery and game play also change as you unlock more stages, you can have a look at their amazing themes. You can download hill climb racing mod apk to unlock all the features of hill climb racing.


Free Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk

Probably the best part about the hill climb racing 2 apk mod is that they have worked a lot on their game play and have made desert-themed and the moon-themed game plays. They are my favourite. You can also download the hill climb racing 2 mod apk and discover the exciting features of this premium paid version.


Hill Climb Racing Tips

I think I have to tell you about some of the hill climb racing tips that if I knew earlier would probably have been winning this game. Anyway, one of the tips is that you need to figure out that which vehicle works best for which stage. It makes a lot of difference!

The second point I would like to talk about is completing stages. With the Jeep, I managed to complete a countryside desert and at the Arctic map to level 8 at full upgrades the highway. I managed to get to level 11. But don’t ask me how I managed to clear all of these stages. I tried pulling off these tricks that I talked about, and I think that is what I helped me in clearing all of these stages.


Hill Climb Racing Apk Mod Cheats

Like I have mentioned before, it matters which vehicle you will be using for which stage. Moreover, you will have to watch out for your competitors overtaking you by trying to go fast. But don’t forget to press the brakes now and then! With the new hill climb racing apk mod cheats free download, you can unlock all the features and upgrades in just one go. How exciting is that?

Those were a couple of things I had to get over with at the start. Okay so, if you haven’t played the game yet, that is alright, but you should check it out. Like I said before, today I would like to talk about hill climb racing mod apk, hill climb racing hacks and hill climb racing 2 apk mod. So hill climb racing and hill climb racing 2 are driving based games with the challenge being the slope of the hill. Okay so let us start with the very basics, how to play the games. The main rules for playing both of the parts, hill climb racing and hill climb racing part 2 are the same; the gameplay will show you two pedals. One will be on the right side of the screen (from the user point of view), and the other pedal will be on the left part of your screen. The right pedal is the gas pedal that the user will hold down to kick-start your vehicle. Just by the way, the vehicle is a truck for your first stage. You get to unlock a couple of more fantastic vehicles like the monster truck as you keep on clearing the stages. The better vehicles have more power and are quicker to breeze through the turns and slopes of the gameplay.


Okay so back to the basics, the gas pedal will help you kick start and speed away as you drive up or down the hill. Be careful to not hold the gas pedal constantly as no braking in between the ride can cause your vehicle to flip too. I also love the gameplay of both, hill climb racing and hill climb racing two. The gameplay of hill climb racing too is much better and makes it so much more fun to play. The entire gameplay and the theme is focused on giving it a touch of the countryside with the main character being a farmer of sorts, driving a countryside based car. As you keep playing the game, there are many coins, diamonds and boxes that you can pick up and earn points for. Now let me tell you this, it is very important to earn as many coins and diamonds as possible because you will need it to get ahead in the game. The more coins you have, the more upgrades you can do to your vehicle. For example, you can upgrade your engine with the coins, the suspension, the tires and the four-wheel drive. Now I will explain what these upgrades are useful for. The engine upgrade will you give the power which will help in making the vehicle climb the hills nicely; the suspension makes the ride smoother by reducing the ground pressure and finally, the four-wheel drive gives the torque that is needed to help the car rotate sufficiently.


Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips and Cheats

Now let me elaborate a little on the few basics and hill climb racing 2 tips and cheats that will help you win the game, so we’re going to start off course with the arrow movements when you’re in the middle of the air hitting the accelerator, while in midair will force the front wheels to move down. It is contrary to what your experience tells you; you do believe that the brakes will make the front end go up, but note if you still keep your finger on the accelerator, the front end will go down not up now, while hitting the brake in the air. It will force the back wheels to go down, so this is something that will take time to get. It took me some time to get used to, as I didn’t mention. It is contrary to what your instincts tell you to do because, when you’re on the ground, and you do hit the accelerator, the front wheel goes up and you presume the same thing when you are in midair, but what happens is the opposite. The actual front wheel goes down, and this lands you in a difficult position. If you keep accelerating, do keep that in mind, also when you’re in the middle of the air keep your hand on the accelerator to keep the front wheels from going down. Of course, this applies substantially more to the four-wheel drive cars that being the Jeep and the monster truck, but it does not apply that much to the actual speed car or the racing car. Also because you don’t have a four-wheel drive, it still forces the front wheel to go down, but not as much of course, as it does for the actual racing car,

Another thing that I wanted to get to is that when you clear these stages, you get to move on to some of the more interesting levels like the dessert and hence, you can unlock them. Earning these points can also help you in buying these interesting stages, let me give you some examples. For example, you can buy the Arctic and finally, you can buy the Moon that is when you have enough money to buy all of these stages. You have to play each stage as hard as you can and anticipate how much work you need to put in, to move to the next stage. Ideally, reaching level is supposed to be good. Once you reach level 5, it means you have got the hang of the game. Also, reaching that level will give you a bonus amount of money. The bonus money you get in the new stages that you move onto will pretty much cover the costs of unlocking that level and also the change of scenery. I think the change in the scenery is very important because playing the same stage over and over again can become boring at one point especially if the scenery is the same.


Download Hill Climb Racing Apk Mod – Get Unlimited Fuel Gas and Coin Hacks

Now that I have given you guys some hill climb racing tips, I will give you hill climb racing and hill climb racing 2 hacks. I’m going to show you hill climb racing cheats for unlimited coins! I think I got 19,000, that’s probably not a lot, but maybe some of you guys already know this glitch. It’s not a glitch according to what I would call it, but right now, I’m just going to call it a glitch. Okay so let me quickly explain how to get these unlimited coins. For this, you would want to go to not just the public racing forum where you can play with other players, but you would also have to go and play it for yourself and practice. You can do it on any vehicle that you like, but I am going to do it on a scooter. Okay so basically you start by going forward, then you would want to go backwards and then forward again here. I know it may sound weird right now, forward, backwards forwards over and over again. It may sound weird but bear with me and do try it out because it worked for me. You will have to keep going backwards and forwards a couple of times, in fact, ten times would be a good number. But there is one issue with this particular trick; you might run out of fuel. But the good thing is that it does not always happen, I am not sure why but you don’t always run out of fuel. Okay so back to our backwards and forwards strategy. I will tell you what I did; so I did that for about 40 minutes, and I got 19,000 coins. That is what you would want to do and, one more thing that I noticed was that the fuel in the middle bottom was going down.

Okay, so this was it. I think the most important thing about this hack is to keep trying with patience, as much as possible. There are problems, like going backwards and forwards constantly can drain your fuel, and it can also lead your character to be killed by going into a kickflip. So you have to do it with a lot of patience, you need to try it over and over again. I also had to start playing the game like five times and kept getting killed initially. But eventually, my patience came in handy, and I hit over 19000 coins, I swear! I guess you will have to try for yourself and see it to believe it. You won’t believe the results!

Download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK Hack  


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